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Why Positive Negative Arrangements


There are many positive features that can be designed into a community project for you as the organizer and for all those who join you, although not all will be applicable to every site.

I will start the list for you, take those that you feel are necessary or desirable in your case.

Nice environment
Crime free
You can confidently let children play outside
Quality recreational or other facilities
Community care for each other when unwell
No unwanted callers
No traffic problems
Reduced pollution
People with similar ideals as yours
Properties all well maintained
Planned expenditure and budgeting
Property value increase
Community attitude
Drugs and drunks cannot get in
Maybe people with similar interests and lifestyles
Negotiating power with councils or others
Support when wanted i.e. plumber, electrician etc,
Internet or satellite connections built in
Trustees to look after a person you care about when you are no longer here

I am sure you will be able to think of many more.