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Why Positive Negative Arrangements


So how do we go about setting up a community

We have looked at why we would want to do it, the positive features to design in, the negative questions we need to ask, and now we are moving on to looking at how to make it come true.

In the next major section of this site we look in detail at how we make it happen.

However we have one final point to think about first, the type of arrangement you envisage.

By arrangement I mean, are you looking at a cooperative, a non profit company, a self build project or conventional development company with some service contract. Are the units to be let, leased, or sold.

Self build is a term that covers a great deal, few self builds are actually physically built by the people involved, usually it is more a case of managed by the people or a club or group on their behalf, with sub contractors brought  in to do just about all the work. Some may help out with laboring or with tasks such as painting or glazing if they have the skills, but that is about their limit of involvement.

We are planning at some point to either here or on one of our other sites to cover self build in far greater detail. There are other web sites and organizations dedicated to this and if you haven't looked at it before you should before committing to any project, even if the idea of a load of old grannies building a housing complex for the retired, creates a comic image or one that scares you stiff.

So why, you may ask, are New Atlantis so interested in helping you

The answer to this has to do with our overriding objective to improve the quality of life of our members. As membership involves no formalities and no membership fees, you can see just about everyone can benefit from New Atlantis projects. If you look on the main website you will discover New Atlantis trusts, which are ethical groups of like minded people. 

Providing everything for free, is a challenge, but we do a great deal, however the main way that we achieve so much is by working with others, we help you, you help others, they help us etc.

We are always interested in hearing what you are doing or trying to do, We may be able to offer a limited amount of free advice based on experience, and provide a good sounding board when problems arrive.

If your community should become a New Atlantis Trust, as you will discover we can help in many other ways.

If you think your project is large then look at our www.build.new-atlantis.org  site were we are looking at building a whole floating country within the Atlantic ocean out of a triple spiral of islands, now that's a big project. How do you fancy the idea of creating a floating city or county?

The home page of this site gives you an email address to contact us about your own community project.