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Why Positive Negative Arrangements


Balance the positive against the negative, you need to also look at the negative aspects. Perhaps you can design around them.

We have decided to present you with a list  of questions to consider.

Will moving away from relatives, friends etc distress you, or leave those at home isolated.
Will the wider community treat your community people differently.
Are you able to have people from outside within your community without loosing the benefits you have.
Are there going to be too many rules.
Are there going to be difficulties in selling properties on, or approving buyers.
If you have a walled community can you have gate men from your community or will you be able to recruit suitable people for this.
Will the costs with all the facilities you would like to have be too expensive.
Can you handle freeloaders, those that want you to do all the work for them for free.
Can you personally manage the project or will you need a project manager.

See if you can think of others.

Every potential problem you can identify now, can be considered and methods to overcome may be able to be worked out.