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Little No'ah

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A little boy of three

Is playing happily

Splash, splash in the water

He will never falter


He wants to go outside

He brings his shoes untied

He likes to climb and scramble

While Mum and Dad just ramble


He doesn't talk that much

His words are but a few

When he can't get his message out

He gets in such a stew


He has a look of mischief

It appears upon his face

He takes Dad's keys and handkerchief

And around the house they chase


He has an older brother

He bullies somewhat mad

He has a smile like no other

Especially when he's bad


When it's time for bed

He doesn't want to go'ah

No matter what is said

His reply is just plain NO'AH

Diana - The Queen of Hearts


You will always be remembered

For your compassion and your love

Your warmth and understanding

Now shining on us from above.


We will always remember those faces

of the children that you met

When you touched and held them closely

The kindness that they felt.


Your work with Leprosy and Aids

Has helped us all to come to terms

With illnesses that make us afraid

You touched and we were moved.


The Children of the country

Will always have your memory in their hearts

Your love, compassion and lighted smile

Which makes you our Queen of Hearts.