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Definition Property Time Budget


The time plan  can be as simple or complex as you like. There are special time/project planning packages for computers or you can do it on paper, supported by a series of index cards. On paper you can have arrows joining sequential tasks on a chart or even with graph paper and bar charts arranged with tasks down the page and time across the top. Just consider what has to be complete before the next can start, or what can happen at the same time. We suggest you complete the time plan before the budget, as you may find you need to rearrange some items or bring in someone else for some tasks so as to speed things up.

You will find software such as the Microsoft Project package that will do everything, even on the largest project, but does not cope with lots of tasks done by the same people too well. Generally the larger the project the more suitable and value Microsoft Project, or another software package  is. You will find other software, some available as shareware. The advantage of software over graphical solutions is that when things go wrong and you have to reschedule it is simpler and you can more easily try out alternative arrangements.

If you want to read about this topic look up critical path analysis, and PERT.

Perhaps it would be worth saying two things at this time:-
From our experience few projects are ever completed in the planned time, so allow plenty of float, and make sure everyone involved is aware that you expect to see time slippage.
The only people who do not make mistakes are people who don't do anything, the more you do, the more scope there is for mistakes to creep in. Don't let this put you off just expect some mistakes to occur no matter how careful you are. Some however will only appear to be mistakes with hindsight and cannot be foreseen.